New Homes

Affordable high-end custom cabinetry

We understand that a home is the truest representation of your  individual style. You want quality construction and craftsmanship at  affordable prices. You don’t want to settle for second best. Neither do  we. Gateway Custom cabinetry specializes in providing high-end design  and cabinetry for all interior woodwork in your new home. We keep our  prices affordable by doing all work on site, allowing us to avoid  overhead costs.

Unique detailing designs just for you

Every detail in your home is as unique as you the owner. When you choose  custom cabinetry and woodwork from Gateway Cabinetry, every piece is  made to your specifications, one piece at a time and only for you. Our  master cabinetmakers handcraft each piece using your choice of wood,  size, finish and hardware. And because it is custom, your choices are  limitless.

Taking your home great to spectacular

It is the fine details and the personalized wood design that turn your  home from great to spectacular. Whether your home is 1,500 or 10,000  square feet, no job is too big or small for our team. We partner with  painting/lacquer teams that can do a wide range of finishes from  enamels, stains, glazing, fly specking and distress.  We can work  directly with you or your home builder. Over the years, we have worked  with over 20 of Calgary’s respected home builders and on national award  winning show homes.